Mission was established in December, 2000 to provide offshore software development services to the foreign customers.

Now the company has three major areas of activity:

Offshore software development specializes in offshore software development for the customers in the US, Europe, Australia and Japan. We are primarily focused on science intensive areas including bioinformatics, video/audio signal processing and others.

Our pricing is competitive with many options depending on the project. For more information please write to and just ask for a quote! More >>>

Product development

Our flagman product is BeanExplorerTM - a framework for rapid application development in JavaTM. Using BeanExplorer you can easily turn any JavaBean (or Enterprise JavaBean) into integral part of your application.

Systems biology

We have lots of ideas that were successfully approved in scientific environment and which we would like to implement as commercial products. We have established connections with both Russian and foreign scientists to help us with development in this and other science intensive areas. If you are interested in investing into these promising projects, contact us at Please visit also Biosoft.Ru's web site.


BIOBASE Biological Database / Biologische Datenbanken GmbH partners with BIOBASE GmbH in development of TRANSPLORERTM - sophisticated software package for prediction of regulatory regions in gene sequences. BIOBASE GmbH is a leading provider of specialized biological databases, mainly from the field of molecular biology. The flagship is the TRANSFAC Professional database on transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and their general binding profiles.


With offices in Boston, Bangalore(India) and Lubeck (Germany), IT-Careernet is a leading I.T. personnel consultancy that provides companies with innovative recruiting and offshore software development solutions and services.

IT-Careernet is a principal partner of DevelopmentOnTheEdge in Massachusetts and New York.

Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS

Institute of Cytology and Genetics is a center of genetics well-recognized both in Russia and abroad, which carries out research in a wide range of problems of modern genetics, molecular and cellular biology.

Institute of Digital Technologies SB RA

Institute of Digital Technologies designs scientific hardware, provides automation technologies for researches and implements various medical information systems.


Our company is located in Akademgorodok, scientific suburb of Novosibirsk, Russia. This place has recently become one of the world centers of offshore programming perhaps because of its talented software developers and scientists. Novosibirsk State University famous for its programming school is also located in Akademgorodok. Many of our developers also came from the another excellent technology school - Novosibirsk State Technical University.


 Do you know...
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