Development On The Edge is hiring!

New technologies, new trends, new possibilities... helps businesses to succeed in meeting these challenges. From our commitment to providing highest level of expertise in the areas generally regarded as revolutionary and to bringing the latest technology to customers in the real world, we believe that our services are the best value for the companies traditionally bypassed by the technology mainstream.

We provide offshore software development services in numerous areas including Internet and wireless commerce systems, B2B and B2C integration solutions, enterprise management systems and many others. For more information please visit our Services page and prepare to get on the edge!

If you have ideas that you don't even dare to think as implementable, they can be brought to reality at the cost that much less than you could expect. There is nothing magical in being on the edge - all you need are talented and hardworking people keen to implement your ideas and those people can work for you: just write to!

More about our company >>>.

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