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Sound Legal Solutions, LLC, USA


I sought a contractor for a project that combines use of a Windows server and a SQL database to populate legal forms in PDF format. I demanded significant flexibility in the system, including the ability to exercise complete customization and control over the system.

I approached several other developers; many of them opined that adequate technology simply did not exist to create the program I desired. Others were willing to 'give it a try' but only a few were able to inspire confidence that they could accomplish the project at all (much less within my timeline).

DevelopmentOnTheEdge's CEO, Sergey Zhatchenko, contacted me and told me my project was a 'piece-of-cake'. I chuckled but then asked him to create a mini-design concept.

Within two days I was able to play with a mini-design on DevelopmentOnTheEdge's server that demonstrated both an intellectual grasp of the project plus the technical proficiency to complete the project.

Mr. Zhatchenko personally headed the development team. We corresponded by e-mail daily. Communication and coordination of the project went smoothly. DevelopmentOnTheEdge worked the entire project - that is, they assisted with concept issues; then, hosting and deployment issues.

Most surprising, DevelopmentOnTheEdge completed the project in 25% of the time allotted. The end product was beyond my expectations!

I whole-heartedly recommend DevelopmentOnTheEdge.

Wayne Philips, Attorney-at-Law
Sound Legal Solutions, LLC

TeleMeister Strategic Services, USA


Working with Development on the Edge has been one of the best decisions I've made as a technology manager. They worked quickly, did excellent work, were very responsive to feedback, understood abstract concepts freeing me to manage at a higher level, and were amazingly inexpensive -- by comparison, similar quality US developer consultants cost 10 - 15 times as much.

Bob Hazy, President
TeleMeister Strategic Services, LLC

BIOBASE Biological Database / Biologische Datenbanken GmbH


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