We are result oriented people. We are doing this because we like to see that our work really makes other people lives easier. We are adopted our whole business process to deliver the results of maximum value to our customers, to let customers control what we are doing for them and to minimize their expenses. This may sound strange for a contractor company but returning customer is what we prefer to any short-term commercial benefit.

How these principles are implemented in practice? Here are the typical steps:

  1. We estimate the project. Note that this will be UPPER quote for you - it doesn't mean that this is what you will pay for implementing your project. Due to XP development methodology we can elegantly manage requirements of custom development projects. We have seen for example that customers paid only 30% from the projected budget.
  2. We deliver result on iterative basis every 1-2 weeks (depending on a project). After completion of every iteration customers are free to say: "Enough, guys, I've got already what I (we) need". Everything is possible in modern business and things often don't go as expected. Sometimes people say: "Sorry, but we run out of money due to...". Even in such situations our development process leaves customer with a solution that is working and maximally valuable to him.

 Do you know...
BeanExplorerTM is developed using practices of eXtreme Programming.

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