BeanInfoEditor is a visual editor, that completely supports BeanHelpers technology. It allows the developer to edit BeanInfo for the bean, customize attributes of its properties, test how the bean will look in application and generate the code to embed the bean into application.

Picture below shows main window of BeanInfo Editor.


BeanInfo Editor consist of five panes:

  1. Repository pane is used to specify the beans to be loaded into project. User can load beans:
    • from .class or .jar file in the local file system
    • from class path
    • from the list of previously loaded beans
  2. PropertyInspector preview pane shows how the bean will look like in different PropertyInspectors. At the moment there are three types of PropertyInspectors: classic, dialog and tabular.
  3. If the bean is a subclass of java.awt.Component (i.e. bean is displayable) then BeanInfo Editor displays it in a special pane - BeanView pane.
  4. BeanInfo pane is used for displaying and editing the bean's BeanInfo.
  5. Property table pane allows the developer to edit attributes of the properties and change their relative order.

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