BeanExplorer support

Technical support for BeanExplorer is provided via email. If you have a technical question or believe that you have encountered a defect, please send an email to contact_support@beanexplorer.com

All developers are encouraged to report any possible problems into BeanExplorer's Bugzilla.

In order to receive latest information about BeanExplorer please subscribe to BeanExplorer's mailing list by sending any message to beanexplorer-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. For more information about this group and message archive as well please visit Group's page.

Please don't forget that you can order the development of Java application based on BeanExplorer or even without it. It is much cheaper than to develop applications inside the US or Europe. Visit our Services page for details.

 Do you know...
BeanExplorerTM is available in three editions: Limited,
Standard and Complete. Ordering instructions >>>.

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